Dental crowns (also sometimes referred to as ‘dental caps’ or ‘tooth caps’) cover over and encase the tooth on which they are cemented. Dentists use crowns when rebuilding broken or decayed teeth, as a way to strengthen teeth and as a method to improve the cosmetic appearance of a tooth. Crowns are custom made in a dental laboratory by a dental technician who uses moulds of your teeth made by your dentist. The dentist will reduce the size of the tooth to be crowned  so the technician has enough room to construct a new cover.

The type of crown your dentist recommends will depend on the tooth involved.  They include porcelain crowns, porcelain-bonded-to-metal crowns, gold alloy crowns and acrylic crowns. At Beach Road we offer all types of crowns, the benefits of each will be discussed by your dentist at the consultation appointment.   The ‘Lava’ tooth coloured  crown now offers the benefits of porcelain, that being a most tooth like appearance but also the strength of zirconia.

Lava™ Metal free crowns and bridges

Not all zirconia is the same. Only genuine Lava zirconia by 3M ESPE has been subjected to the world class research and development, rigorous process controls and endless clinical testing that offer the long-term performance.

Before and after Lava patient case. Photos courtesy of 3M ESPE. Clinical photo courtesy of Dr Ariel Raigrodski.

‘Lava’ crowns and bridges are strong and offer the natural translucency that has become the standard by which all other all ceramic crowns are judged. Achieving this perfect combination of performance and aesthetics is the result of perfectly matched materials, machines, software and decades of knowledge and research. Lava crowns and bridges have been shown to achieve a five year 100% clinical survival rate.