whiteningThere are a variety of ways dentists can whiten your teeth. We prefer to use a system where plastic trays are custom-made by your dentist. Gel containing hydrogen peroxide is then placed in the trays at home.  These trays are then kept in place for up to an hour. We encourage ‘in surgery’ whitening prior to the take home trays to speed the process up.

Home whitening works very well in most cases, although the result depends on the initial level and type of staining. Yellow shades are more easily neutralised but grey shades can be harder to hide. It is less predictable on teeth that are heavily stained. Home whitening can take as little as two weeks, wearing trays for only an hour per day to achieve a marked improvement. Some patients find that the treatment can take much longer, it depends on the starting colour of the teeth and the patient’s expectations. Home whitening will not whiten fillings or any other restorations so it may be necessary to have visible tooth-coloured restorations replaced with ones that more closely match the  tooth colour after whitening is completed.

Whitening as not permanent and may need to be repeated at  six monthly intervals. Repeat whitening is generally  carried out at home using the trays initially provided. Extra tubes of whitening gel can be purchased from our reception.